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Rilakkuma bus


Rilakkuma rapping bus collection ♫
These are running all over the Tachikawa-city in Tokyo !!!

Hello Kitty car


Found a Hello Kitty at Mitsubishi car campaign event !!!
Kitty printed car is so nice,,, want it ☆彡

Lion donut 


Found a cute lion donuts ☆彡
Sugar donuts with chocolate what drawn face,,, nice ♥

Pastel candle collection


Found a hand made pastel candle collection !!
Animal, flower, fruit, ribbon etc,,, so lovely ♥

Hello Kitty lunch box


Hello Kitty lunch (bento) box ☆彡
Cute package ❥❥❥

Rilakkuma dalls


Found a so cute Rilakkuma dolls in game center ♫
It’s very popular crane game call “UFO catcher” ☆彡

Teddy bear donut


Teddy Bear donuts,,, strawberry, chocolate and caramel ver ♫
So cute as don’t want to eat ♥

Mickey&Minnie wearing kimono


Mickey and Minnie had a New Year parade in Tokyo Disney Land.
They wearing kimono as Japanese wear kimono in New year day ☆彡