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Teddy bear flower gift


So cute flower arrangement !!!!!
Pinky teddy bear,,, want this for gift ♥


Hello Kitty air plane


This is a Taipei’s flight company “EVA AIR”.
Collaborated with Hello Kitty,,, everyone in the worldloves Kitty ♥♥♥

Disney Osechi-box


In New Year day(s), we Japanese eat Osechi
what is very popular New Years bento-box.
This is Disney Osechi-box and Mickey shaped meals are so nice^^

Rirakkuma Store


Big Rilakkuma is waiting for you in front of official store ♫
You can find many of official goods what only get in this store ^^

Sheep doughnut


Look it sheep doughnut ☆彡
Big white chocolate sheep is so cute ♥


Kumamon is a one of most popular character in Japan now which is black bear character.It’s a character of city “Kumamoto” and Kumamoto Mitsui Garden Hotel has a few of special Kumamon room!!
So cute,,, isn’t it !? I want stay in this room ♥

3D puppy slippers


Hahaha look it this cute 3D puppy slippers !!!
It’s promotion goods for Japanese mobile company ☆彡

Pinky sakura panda bear


Found a sweet pinky sakura panda bear !!!
It’s  mascot character of  department store “Daimaru”.So cute ♥♥♥


My Melody roll cake & baked crème caramel set !!!
You can eat it at Sanrio’s official park “Sanrio Puro Land”☆彡


Look it this cute bag !!!
Rilakkuma face is base of it,,, so nice ♥